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Do we need to change the accessibility symbol?

It’s time to stop and think about the accessibility symbol and what it means, who it relates to, and whether or not it needs to be updated.

The international symbol of access is one of the most widely recognised symbols in the world. The image of the person in a wheelchair set against a blue background indicates that a certain area or facility – be it parking, seating, toilets, transport – is accessible.

Despite being one of the most iconic symbols we have, many people think it needs a makeover to be more representative of a broader range of disabilities, including those that can’t be seen.

Watch this video to learn more and tell us on Facebook if you think the symbol needs a makeover.



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  1. Brian Germain says:

    So very true, many people have severe disabilities that cannot be seen, I.e cancer, heart disease, spinal conditions which restrict movement. Answer is simple redesign existing logo and educate population through adverts on various media outlets.

    1. Sue B says:

      Too right. There needs to be some rethink of the logo to include ‘hidden’ disabilities as not everyone is reliant on wheelchairs.

  2. Tamara Laloz says:

    Im a Cancer survivor.
    my hands shake.
    my toileting ability has diminished.
    and control is limited. when i was on meds i had no control at all.
    and literally
    running to the loo had to happen!!.
    often missing.

    to come out of the toilet… and get scolded for using it…

    yep im all for it.

    keep the blue circle maybe but change the design

  3. Kathy says:

    Keep the symbol, educate the public.
    Use advertising, awareness videos; like the one above, and extend current knowledge.
    Also maybe people who have a disability and need access to amenities could carry a card with the same symbol on it (similar to a credit card, or a parking permit card) that they can flash at destinations such as hotels, travel consortium, and other inquiring people, etc.
    Just a thought.

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