15 Tips to Stay Safe on Your Scooter

While mobility scooters users need the respect of pedestrians and drivers in order to operate their equipment in a safe manner, driving a scooter is a two-way street. It’s important for mobility scooter users to exercise care and attention for the safety of both themselves and of those around them.

Below are some safety tips to help you stay safe*

  1. Ensure a mobility scooter is a safe choice for you by asking your doctor or Occupational Therapist’s advice before you consider purchasing a mobility scooter.
  2. Choose the right mobility scooter for you. There are many different types of mobility scooters available today so seek the advice of a reputable dealer who can help you find the best product to meet your needs and show you how to use it properly.
  3. Be seen! It’s important to stay visible so consider purchasing safety equipment including flags, lights and reflectors.
  4. Watch out for vehicles leaving and entering driveways, never assume the driver has seen you.
  5. Stick to footpaths. Only ride on roads if there is no footpath and ensure you can be seen.
  6. Only cross roads at pedestrian crossings and wait for the green light.
  7. Be alert of your surroundings and be patient.
  8. Don’t block pedestrians access when you park your mobility scooter.
  9. Adjust your driving to the conditions and don’t use slopes that are too steep for your mobility scooter.
  10. Make turns slowly.
  11. Approach ramps and kerbs head on.
  12. Keep the load down – don’t carry too many parcels.
  13. Have a backup plan in case of a breakdown. Always charge your batteries and carry a spare tube if you have to pump up tyres.
  14. Get your scooter serviced annually to keep it in top operating condition.
  15. Legal requirements – check the relevant requirements for your state or territory with your road traffic authority.

*These safety tips are not a substitute for specific professional advice. Blue Badge Insurance recommends that you always speak to a health professional and personally try out mobility products to ensure its suitability before purchasing.


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  1. Ivy Baker says:

    This is some really good information about mobility scooter. My grandmother has a hard time walking at the moment. A scooter like this does seem like a good thing for her to look into. I like that you pointed you should get this serviced at well.

    1. Irene Mak says:

      Hi Ivy,

      You can refer to the following link for safe use of electric scooter.

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    I really appreciate your tip to never assume that a driver has seen you in your scooter to stay safe. My wife and I have been thinking of letting my mother come and live with us, and she has been getting to the age where she might need a mobility scooter to get around. I will be sure to tell my mother that she should never assume that nearby drivers have seen her when she is out on her scooter!

    1. Blue Badge Insurance says:

      We’re glad we could help Mark!

  3. This is very valuable tips. I recently bought a new mobility scooter. My father always likes to travel but with age, it has now become very problematic. By the way, thanks for sharing this fantastic post.

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