Scooter Record Attempt Falls Short

SCORES of mobility scooters converged in Scarness but were still 58 short of taking the world record from the Canadians.

Scooter Convoy Record Attempt organiser Julie de Waard said 101 mobility scooter users came to Scarness Foreshore Park to help reach the target.

Unfortunately it was not enough.

Ms de Waard said it was disappointing but failure had not discouraged the group who would be holding the attempt next year.

“There was one gentleman there who had stickers on his scooter for the last eight world record attempts we tried,” she said.

“When you see that, it keeps the enthusiasm going.”


This article was originally sourced from Fraser Coast Chronicle published on Monday, November 9, 2015


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  1. Bob Haile says:

    A excellent turn out. Have u considered holding this event some where in Sydney near a major train station so many of the scooters can travel by train to the location.I am sure if state rail nsw are approached they will assist. Also tow truck companies to assits in getting scooters to and from the event why persons who use the scooters go by car. yes a huge amount of organsing.include coats hire for generators so buggies can be full charged.I can see 12 months of planning in this but what a grand turn out it will be, of course great free advertising for companies who volunteered there services.

    1. Blue Badge Insurance says:

      What a great suggestion! We would absolutely welcome an event like this in Sydney or any other city that could come close to breaking the record.

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