Taking Your Permit Interstate

Disability parking permits make it easier for drivers and/or passengers with a disability to use their cars to access their communities. These permits allow the permit holder to use accessible parking spaces which are typically larger than other parking spaces and located close to entrance points. They often also entitle the user to park for longer than the allocated time limits and in some cases, park for free.

Needless to say, these permits allow the users an extra level of convenience that is extremely important for people with mobility challenges.

All this sounds great, but what happens when you travel interstate? Have you ever wondered if you can use your permit outside your own home state/territory? 

Simply put, if you have a current Australian disability parking permit you can use it anywhere in Australia. Permit holders can park in parking spaces showing the international symbol of access and can receive concessions in most public parking spaces where the sign or meter shows specific time limits.

But remember, it’s important to be aware that road rules and regulations are different in each state and territory so it is important to check parking laws in the state/territory that you are visiting. You can find the relevant information for each state or territory here:

Disability Parking Permit Conditions in each state or territory

New South Wales –

Victoria –

Queensland –

Western Australia –

South Australia –

Tasmania –

ACT –!tabs-2

Northern Territory –

Remember if you park in an accessible space without a valid permit you can be fined, so it’s important to always have your permit displayed.

Finally, if you are planning to move interstate permanently you must re-apply for a permit in your new state/territory.

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  1. Ana says:

    I am disable.i want this type to car for traveling.

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