For over 15 years, Mobility Engineering has been providing mobility solutions for wheelchair users, striving to provide them with the freedom and accessibility that is needed to get by in today’s world. Mobility Engineering specialises in the modification and adaptation of vehicles for the facilitation of wheelchair users. They provide solutions for a range of different vehicles, such as cars, vans and minibuses.  They also provide modifications to facilitate wheelchair users in both passenger and driver capacity, allowing for greater independence for the user.

Mobility Engineering offers a range of modifications to meet the unique demands of different customers. For an example, they offer modifications for both individual and group transportation.  Mobility Engineering prides itself on their versatility, believing they can modify a whole range of other models and makes.

Mobility Engineering has expertise in a wide range of vehicle conversions providing total mobility solutions for your independence, including:

  • Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles
  • Products for getting in and out of your car
  • Wheelchair driver conversions
  • Assisted driver controls
  • Hoist, lifts and ramps

Mobility Engineering also have a Dealer network Australia wide so that installation and servicing of the products can be done locally where possible.

Contact Mobility Engineering

9482 4572

4/45 Salisbury Road, Hornsby, NSW