Problem Management Engineering (PME) was founded in 1989 by Bill Georgas after he became a paraplegic. Very unhappy with hand controls that were fitted to his vehicle, Bill soon realised that there was a great need, for quality automotive engineering services, for the physically challenged.

Now, with two decades of experience modifying vehicles, PME have become leaders in the industry and are known and trusted right across Australia.

Having manufactured their own quality products, PME’s expertise is internationally recognised. They supply three major overseas companies and most Australian vehicle modifiers in the industry. Their international presence also means they are the first to bring the newest technologies from the UK, Germany, Italy, the US and Canada with the aim of “Driving you into the future”.

PME has expertise in a wide range of vehicle conversions, including:

  • Driving controls (steering, accelerating and braking, gearshift, clutch, handbrake, indicators and accessories, electronic controls
  • Access vehicles (seating and transfer, wheelchair and scooter storage, wheelchair fixtures, self-drive)
  • Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles
  • Short stature

Contact PME

     (02)  9482 2808

      6 Kookaburra Road, Hornsby Heights, NSW, 2077