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Blue Badge is proud to be a sponsor/partner of Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA), which trains and places unique dogs with Australians with unique situations.

Assistance Dogs Australia’s free-to-client assistance dogs provide independence, self-esteem, improved health and relationships to individuals and families.

Blue Badge is a Physical Disability Program Partner to this valuable organisation. These assistance dogs are trained to do tasks including, but not limited to:

A Physical Disability Assistance Dog has full public access rights, meaning they’re allowed in any public place* and on all public transport. It is illegal to refuse entry to a Assistance Dog.

People who receive a Physical Disability Assistance Dog are provided with a photographic identity badge as proof of Assistance Dog status, which they must take with them in public, and a Assistance Dog jacket for the dog.

Blue Badge Insurance pays a proportion of every current policy we have every month to Assistance Dogs Australia. It takes two years and $40,000 to train an Assistance Dog, so every little bit helps.

*The only exceptions are zoos, aquariums, sterile environments, food preparation areas and quarantine areas.

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