Blue Badge Insurance Announces Sponsorship with Assistance Dogs Australia

Blue Badge Insurance sponsorship with Assistance Dogs Australia starts 1 October 2021

Australia’s leading disability and independence insurance specialist, Blue Badge Insurance, today announced an exciting sponsorship with Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA).

Commencing 1 October, the three-year contract commits Blue Badge to donating each month a portion of every active policy’s premium, as key sponsor of the ADA Physical Disability Program.

As soon as we met the team at Assistance Dogs Australia and saw the amazing work they do, we knew we had to get involved.

– CEO Nik Witcombe

“By supporting an organisation that enriches the lives of so many Australians living with disability, Blue Badge Insurance is extending its long-standing commitment to the disability community. Now when customers take up a policy with us they will be contributing to a highly valuable cause that helps others with disability to live a fuller, happier life.”

Blue Badge Insurance Announces Sponsorship with Assistance Dogs Australia

Founded in 1996, ADA is a not-for-profit organisation that invests thousands of hours each year in training assistance dogs to provide support to people with a diverse range of disability requirements.

It takes two years and costs more than $40,000 to equip each assistance dog with the skills required to perform complex functions that range from retrieving items its human partner needs through to emergency barking to alert others to the need for medical assistance.

Once each dog is accredited and ready to work in the field, ADA provides them at no cost to their clients. The organisation relies entirely on donations. 

We cannot keep up the demand for our amazing dogs.
This new support from Blue Badge Insurance will assist us to train and place certified assistance dogs that will change a person’s life.

– ADA Top Dog Richard Lord

CEO Nik Witcombe says, “Supporting Assistance Dogs Australia financially is another way for Blue Badge Insurance to show our commitment to mobility and independence for all. We are proudly putting our money where our mouth is.”

“We already have thousands of very happy customers and are looking to continue growing, knowing that with every policy we sell a portion will be going to Assistance Dogs Australia. We look forward to see our monthly donations make an impact in improving people’s lives.”

The money Blue Badge Insurance donates to ADA will contribute to training, vaccinations, foods and equipment for assistance dogs. You too can support ADA by donating, fundraising, raising awareness or becoming a volunteer. See www.assistancedogs.org.au/support-us/ for more information.

Blue Badge Insurance has distributed specialist insurance products throughout Australia since 2014, including discounted car insurance for disability parking permit holders and vehicles converted for a driver or passenger with a disability, as well as insurance for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Find out more on the Blue Badge Insurance product offerings here: disability car insurance for disability parking permit holders, disability converted car and wheelchair accessible vehicle insurance, wheelchair insurance and mobility scooter insurance.

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