Fresh Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For 2024

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Mother’s Day is such a special occasion to show some extra love and appreciation for the amazing mums out there. But it can be tough to find the perfect mother’s day gift. Most gifting guides recommend the same things every year.

In this guide, we’ve come up with some fresh ideas to give you some Mother’s Day present inspo. We’ve also taken budget into consideration and of course, accessibility. Here’s your Mother’s Day gifting guide:


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Budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas

Spoiling mum doesn’t have to blow the bank. In fact, personalised gifts or gifts that you’ve made yourself are often more special than something store-bought. Here are our recommendations:

Fiverr Mother’s Day video creation

Ever heard of Fiverr? It’s an online marketplace where you can hire talented folks to create a personalised video for as little as $5.

Creating video montages can be time consuming and tricky – so having an expert do it for you saves a lot of time. It could be a montage of family photos, special messages from loved ones, or even a mini-documentary about how awesome she is. It’s a modern twist on the family photo album!

Start seedlings indoors

For the mum with a green thumb, or even just an interest in gardening, starting seedlings indoors is both thoughtful and inspiring. It’s like saying, “Here’s to growth and new beginnings!” Plus, it’s a gift that keeps on giving as she gets to watch them grow and eventually transplant them into her garden.

Reusable and washable snack bags

For the eco-conscious mum, these are a game changer. They cut down on plastic waste and are perfect for packing snacks on the go. It’s a small but meaningful way to support her efforts to be more sustainable. And every time she uses this Mother’s Day gift, she’ll think of you!

Car trunk organiser

This Mother’s Day present for the mum who lives by the motto “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” A car trunk organiser can help keep her car neat and tidy, which is a godsend for busy mums on the move. It’s practical, sure, but it’s also a way of acknowledging all the hats she wears and the running around she does.

DIY bookmark

If your mum’s a reader, she’ll adore this Mother’s Day gift. A handmade bookmark is not only beautiful but also personal. It’s a little reminder of how well you know her hobbies and interests. Plus, it’s like you’re there holding her place in every story she dives into. The internet abounds with awesome bookmark ideas – so do some digging. Here’s just one of them:

The Little Book of Hygge

This book is all about the Danish concept of hygge, which is essentially the art of finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things. It’s a lovely way to introduce her to new ways of relaxing and finding joy in the cosy moments of life.

Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

Looking for something even more out-of-the-box? Here are some unique Mum’s Day gift ideas to inspire you:

Tea drop sampler set

For the tea-loving mum, a sampler set of tea drops is both unique and delightful. No teabags, just these adorable pressed teas that infuse hot water. Each cup is a new adventure in flavour, and it’s a great way to enjoy a quiet, meditative moment.

Start a Mother’s Day Journal

This idea is about creating a new tradition. Buy a beautiful journal and write your first entry about why she’s special to you, then invite her to write back. It can become an annual Mother’s Day exchange, building a keepsake filled with love, memories, and reflections.

Present her with genealogy research

For the mum who’s fascinated by family history, offering to do some genealogy research for her can be incredibly meaningful. It’s a journey into your shared heritage, a way to connect with ancestors, and uncover stories she’s never heard. It’s not just a gift; it’s an exploration of where you both come from.

Looking for a unique gift idea for Mothers Day? Check out this book filled with old photos.

An experience as a Mother’s Day gift idea

How about a weekend away with mum doing an activity together? Quality time is one of the biggest Mother’s Day presents you can share with her.

We’ve rounded up many accessible holiday options around Australia, and though these guides are often themed around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other holidays , the destinations and activities in them are evergreen. Check them out:

Insurance as a Mother’s Day gift idea

If your mum is living with a disability, do you know whether her mobility equipment is insured? Wheelchair and mobility scooter insurance is the Mother’s Day present hat keeps giving. It can help her pay for the unexpected costs if her wheelchair, mobility scooter or modified car is damaged or stolen.

Find out about each of these options from Blue Badge Insurance:

Anyone with a disability parking permit is eligible for up to 25% off Blue Badge car insurance. Just another Mother’s Day gift for people with disability and one that lasts all year round.

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