Blue Badge Insurance has partnered with several organisations that specialise in converting vehicles for wheelchair accessibility across Australia.

There are many ways in which a car may be converted to make driving safer and more comfortable for drivers and/or passengers with disabilities.

Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV’s) are vehicles that have been converted for a wheelchair user to travel as either a passenger or a driver without needing to transfer out of their wheelchair.

Driver Conversions

Standard cars be converted to include various driving aids to assist drivers with limited mobility. These include hand controls, foot controls, steering devices, spinner knobs and pedal extensions.

Wheelchair Stowage

There are a variety of options available to drivers who wish to safely store their wheelchairs in their car during transit. These include hoists, lifts and rooftop loaders.

Transfer Aids

For drivers who require assistance to get to and from their wheelchair to their vehicle, there are several transfer aids to select from including driver lifts and swivel seats.

Blue Badge Insurance has partnered with the following vehicle modifiers: