Mobility Scooter Stolen, Destroyed by Joyriders

In an article published by ABC News on 14 June 2016, a 20 year old man has been charged with stealing and destroying a mobility scooter. The man in question, Trent Drake, along with two juvenile boys, stole the scooter from a local resident’s backyard and proceeded to destroy it while joyriding, taking turns on the scooter. They then abandoned the scooter behind a toilet block in the Triabunna wharf area, with most of the incident being captured on CCTV.

Unfortunately, stories of theft and vandalism of mobility scooters are not uncommon, which is where Blue Badge Insurance steps in.

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For further information about making sure that you have quality cover for your mobility equipment, go to the Blue Badge Insurance website, or call 1300 304 802 to speak with our friendly customer service team.

You can read the full article from ABC News here.

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