Mobility Scooters: Keeping Them Clean

Keep mobility scooters clean first by dry-wiping.

Mobility scooters are valuable investments that help us reach our daily destinations more easily. However, all the travelling can attract all kinds of gunk that inhibits their performance.

Dirt can get in the way of a mobility scooter’s functionality across several areas, and a buildup of grime can cause scooter parts to become damaged or break. Cleaning your mobility scooter not only keeps it looking and feeling great but also helps it function well.

That’s why we’ve put together this article to share tips on how to clean your mobility scooter.   

How to clean mobility scooters

First things first, the controls on your mobility scooter aren’t waterproof. Therefore, you should never spray it with a hose or pour water over it.

1. Dust

Start by wiping down all the surfaces of your mobility scooter with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. You should really dust your controls with a dry cloth daily, to prevent dirt from building up around them.

2. Wipe

Use a liquid spray detergent (like window cleaner) to dampen a microfiber cloth then wipe your mobility scooter surfaces clean. Make sure your cloth is damp rather than wet. You can do this by spraying the detergent directly onto the cloth instead of onto the scooter.

Leave out your controls because any moisture could damage these.

3. Dry

Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the surfaces immediately following the damp wipe. This will help thoroughly remove dirt particles and any remaining moisture.

Some people like to use cleaning wipes to clean their scooters. If you decide to try this option, clean a small area 24 hours in advance. Then check the next day before you continue to make sure the cleaning wipes don’t leave a stain.

4. Wheels

Remove debris and rocks that are trapped in the wheels, to prevent damage. Don’t use any hard or sharp objects for this because they could cause a tear or puncture. If you’re not keen on using your hands, try using earbuds to reach into the tread without causing damage.

If you decide to wipe your wheels, just dampen a cloth using water rather than detergents that could make them slippery.

5. Cover

If you park your mobility scooter somewhere where it can be exposed to sun, rain or wind, consider getting a storage cover. If you live near the beach, sea air can corrode your mobility scooter (read see air vs car to find out more).

Cover your scooter and keep it undercover or indoors as much as possible to keep it cleaner longer and reduce erosion.  

Another option is to have your mobility scooter cleaned professionally. Ask your mobility scooter provider to recommend a trusted professional.

This microfiber cloth can safely clean mobility scooters.

Keep your mobility scooter clean and dry

It’s always a good idea to avoid getting your mobility scooter wet. Water that stays on your scooter can dirty and damage it. If you get caught in a bit of drizzle on your way back from the shop, wipe it dry as soon as you’re home using a microfiber cloth.

You can always check the Bureau of Meteorology for your daily weather forecast to avoid getting rained on.

Servicing mobility scooters

Another way to keep your mobility scooter in tip top shape is to have it serviced regularly. Check your scooter manual for how often to have it serviced. At the very least, a full service once every year is recommended.

Mobility scooters – other important info

We know what an asset a mobility scooter is, it certainly makes getting around that much easier. In addition to cleaning your scooter, we’ve compiled a list of important information here:

Do I need insurance for a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters cost a lot and can be hard to replace. If yours is broken, damaged or stolen, having mobility scooter insurance can help reduce the costs. Blue Badge Insurance offers a large range of added benefits for your scooter – get a quote today.   

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Cleaning mobility scooters – over to you

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