Seven Useful Wheelchair Accessories To Help You On Your Way

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There are lots of ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable and suitable to you, with many wheelchair suppliers offering a range of practical accessories to help you on your way. We’ve found seven useful wheelchair accessories to get you started, check them out below.

1.  Device Holders

Device holders are great tools that will securely hold and protect your device/s when travelling, taking the stress away of potentially damaging the items you’re carrying. These holders are typically customised to suit your chosen device/s and accommodate your physical requirements.

Some of the devices include:

  • Communication devices
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Cameras

2. Suspension Devices

The suspension works to absorb the bumps and uneven terrain your wheelchair glides over, which you would definitely feel without them. Luckily, most wheelchairs will have built-in suspension devices to help manage the pain and discomfort that can come when travelling. If you wish to have extra cover stand-alone devices are also available.

3. Equipment Holders

When discussing your specific requirements for your wheelchair with your supplier, it’s important to consider the items you will need or want to carry on your wheelchair. This might include an oxygen tank or equipment you may use to transfer in and out of the wheelchair. Such as, a cane or walking frame.

4. Storage

There are numerous storage options available to wheelchair users, that can help make daily errands and long travel more comfortable. Some of these options can include bags and backpacks that conveniently attach to your seat, as well as specialised storages boxes that offer a sturdier option.

5. Portable Ramps

With so many restaurants and public spaces now wheelchair friendly, you are likely to visit some that aren’t quite accessible. Speak to your wheelchair supplier about a portable ramp, that way you’re always prepared when out and about. Most of these ramps can be folded to allow for easy carry and transport, then ready to use when you need to.

6. Add-on Front Wheel

When travelling on tough terrain the casters on manual wheelchairs can struggle and may get damaged. A front wheel, such as the FreeWheel is a useful add-on that makes your manual wheelchair better equipped for obstacles and various terrains. Such as gravel, sand, grass and rolling up/down kerbs.

7. “Bush and Beach” Wheels

If you live at the beach or frequent local park trails, then you should certainly ask your wheelchair supplier about beach and bush wheels. These special wheels help your wheelchair confidently roll around rough terrain, keeping you safe and protecting your wheelchair. Most manual wheelchairs have quick-release rear wheels, so you can easily install your bush and beach wheels as you need to.

From helping to protect your special equipment and devices, to giving you the freedom to seek adventure, we hope you consider these seven useful wheelchair accessories to help you on your way.

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