5 Reasons You Should Go to the Source Kids Disability Expo

A group of young girls in wheelchairs attended the Source Kids Disability Expo.

Heard of the Source Kids Disability Expo? It’s a free annual event for kids, teenagers, and young adults aged up to 35 years old who are living with disability. Happening in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, it brings together various disability product and service providers for the benefit of our community.

Over two days, you and your child can explore equipment, technology, and other resources, while enjoying sensory, sports, and entertainment zones designed for fun and inclusion. Find out more below.

A young girl in a wheelchair smiling at the Disability Expo.

What is the Source Kids Disability Expo?

Source Kids is Australia’s first and only magazine specifically designed for parents, carers, and professionals who work with children with special needs. Its aim is to deliver reliable, relevant, and up-to-date information in a vibrant and positive manner.

The magazine caters to the needs of nearly 850,000 young Australians with disabilities who are under the age of 25. You can get a Source Kids subscription through the NDIS.

The annual expo gives a unique opportunity for you to explore mobility tools, speak directly with service providers, and gain other valuable info that can help in improving the quality of life for young people with disabilities.

When and where is it?

Check out the dates and venues for Source Kids 2024:

  • Adelaide – 2-3 March 2024, Adelaide Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Sydney – 16-17 March 2024, International Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Melbourne – 5-6 July 2024, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Brisbane – 3-4 August 2024, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Perth – 26-27 October 2024, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

5 top reasons to check it out

There are plenty of reasons to head on over to the two-day event. Even just feeding your curiosity and joining the community are good enough, in our opinion! However, here’s five more for you and your child to consider:

#5 Best products and services

The expo gathers a wide range of disability product and service providers under one roof. This includes equipment, mobility tools, technology, sport and recreation, plan management, support workers, and various retail products.

Having them all together in one accessible space makes it easier for you to explore the latest options available to aid your child’s independence.

#4 Fun day out

Beyond the informative aspect, the Source Kids Disability Expo ensures entertainment for all ages with its sensory, chill, sports, and other interactive zones. There are performances and activities designed for young and old, making it a fun day out for the entire family​.

Depending on which state’s Expo you’re attending, the stage program includes performances by the likes of Tip Toe Giants – an award-winning local children’s music group focused on inclusive messaging (see below).

There will also be inclusive dance and theatre plus a gymnastic class presented by Gymnastics NSW and Special Olympics Australia. Attendees can also take part in adaptive sports including golf putting.

#3 Hands-on educational event

The expo is a great place to test out as well as learn about new products, services, and technologies. You and your child can get hands on to see how various equipment and other assistive technology can help improve quality of life. You’ll get the chance to talk directly with providers while doing so.

There are professional demonstrations throughout the expo too, again providing a hands-on experience. These will show you how to use these solutions in your own home and you’ll have a chance to ask plenty of questions.

#2 Sensory-friendly environment

The expo provides a sensory-friendly zone among other specialised areas, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment for neurodiverse attendees. This way you and others can enjoy the event without the stress of overwhelming sensory inputs.

#1 Connection and community

Importantly, going to the Source Kids Disability Expo offers the chance to connect with other families, professionals, and people living with disabilities.

It’s all about fostering a sense of community and mutual support. Sharing experiences and learning about mobility tools, experiences, lifestyles and more from others in similar situations can be incredibly valuable.

Find out more about the expo and register to attend by clicking here.

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