How to Have an Inclusive Easter Egg Hunt

Inclusive Easter Egg Hunt with colorful eggs laying in the grass.

Easter is a time of joy, renewal, and community spirit. A time that should be open for everyone to enjoy. And what’s more fun for kids in Easter than an egg hunt? Luckily, there are creative and thoughtful ways to create an inclusive Easter egg hunt for kids of all kinds of abilities.

From beeping Easter eggs and sensory-friendly eggs to wheelchair-accessible hunt areas, we’ll dive into a range of innovative ideas that promise to make your Easter egg hunt an inclusive, heart-warming, and unforgettable experience for all.

An inclusive girl in a wheelchair is hugging a boy in a living room.

Pick the right spot for your inclusive Easter egg hunt

If your home isn’t suitable, think about a place with smooth, flat surfaces for easy manoeuvrability. A park with paved walking paths is a good idea.

You may even consider going away for the weekend, in which case there are some great options to look at. Check out:

Think about egg placement

If allowing for a wheelchair is important, be careful to arrange the eggs at a height accessible from a chair that doesn’t require a long reach, like on low tables, windowsills, or potentially directly on accessible paths.

Create a stationary inclusive Easter egg hunt

If your child’s abilities aren’t suited to an outdoor hunt, you could consider a stationary Easter egg hunt.

Instead of scattering eggs around, place them in accessible containers at a fixed location where they can reach without moving around too much. Then include interactive elements like opening a series of boxes or drawers to find the eggs.

You could also do a sensory hunt, where you set up boxes or containers filled with safe, non-toxic materials like rice, beans, or shredded paper. You can then hide your Easter eggs within these materials for your child to find through touch.

Inclusive Easter eggs on a beige background, surrounded by flowers.

Consider beeping Easter eggs

Children with visual impairments can also be a part of an inclusive Easter egg hunt. For example, you could create your own beeping Easter eggs (see here)so they find them based on sound. Or you could play music or sound cues that get louder as children get closer to an egg.

Build a supportive environment

Encourage siblings, friends, and other participants to support and assist your child during the hunt. This will foster a sense of inclusion and camaraderie – hopefully the more the merrier!

Assistive tools for your inclusive Easter egg hunt

Consider using assistive tools like grabber arms or magnetic sticks to help your child collect eggs. This will make the activity more enjoyable and independent.

Read our post on everyday gadgets that are useful for people with disabilities for more info on tools to help your child’s independence.

Include sensory-friendly options

Is your child sensitive to sensory overload? Provide sensory-friendly eggs with different textures or soft, calming colours to enhance their experience.

Emphasise participation over competition

Focus on the joy of participation rather than competition, celebrating your child’s achievements and creating a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

A pro-tip for parents of children of all abilities is to assign each child a specific colour and have them hunt for eggs that match their assigned colour. This helps manage the number of eggs each child finds and ensures everyone has an equal chance.

Colorful beeping Easter eggs on a blue background.

Offer alternative activities

Is egg hunting not possible for your child? There are plenty of alternative activities they can take part in to join in the fun, such as egg painting or crafts. Check out one of our latest articles for some great ideas: “Adaptive Crafts To Try This Easter.

Insurance for peace of mind

It might not be as exciting as an inclusive Easter egg hunt, but insuring your child’s wheelchairmobility scooter, or the disability converted vehicle you use is a wonderful Easter idea. You’d be alleviating the financial burden of replacement or repair in the event of an accident while making sure you protect an important possession(s).

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