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Invisible Disabilities Week Survey highlights strike over accessible bays

It’s been a great week for the team at Blue Badge Insurance. We’ve been on the receiving end of some wonderful feedback from our clients, and we’d love to share a few of their words with you.

“I found out about BBI through the SWEP – they gave me a brochure when they delivered my wheelchair. Before this, I hadn’t thought about insuring my wheelchair at all. I went on to your website to see what the insurance was about and was surprised that I hadn’t realised some of the risks I was facing as a wheelchair user. I also came to realise that you also insure cars and home and contents.

After reviewing the comments and testimonials on your website, I realised that you were a reputable company and decided to call to get a quote. Initially, I was only interested in insuring my wheelchair. I was quite ambivalent about switching my car insurance as I didn’t think there was a need. However, when Gavin told me more about your car insurance product, I decided to look at my current insurance papers and got a very rude awakening – it seems that my car was insured for market value not agreed value, and it wasn’t clear whether or not my conversions were covered at all. This made me concerned about whether or not I had sufficient cover. Gavin suggested that I call my insurer to get clarity on what I was insured for, so I did. They were hopeless. They had the modifications amount completely wrong and the overall experience was “very horrible”.

On the other hand, my experience with BBI was great. Gavin took the time to explain the ins and outs of the policy and never made me feel pressured or like I was being a pain with all my questions. He was understanding, very well informed and was happy to answer my questions. I ultimately decided to go with BBI because of the service. The price and level of cover were also good – certainly better than my previous insurer – but it was the service that really stood out.

I would definitely recommend BBI to a friend and I have several people in mind already.”

Jessica, VIC

I heard about Blue Badge Insurance from Paul at Local Mobility in Maitland, where I bought my scooter. They raved about Blue Badge so I gave them a call. Spoke to Geoff and he was excellent. Great guy and really guided me in the right direction. I am very pleased with the mobility scooter insurance policy from Blue badge, and really happy with the service. Much better than I have experienced with other insurers.

Paul Dass, NSW

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