Do You Know About Disability Car Insurance Discounts?

A man drives his modified car under the protection of discounted car insurance with Blue Badge Insurance

Do you know about the disability car insurance discount from Blue Badge Insurance? If you drive or are a passenger with a permanent disability parking permit, you’re eligible for seriously discounted car insurance for your vehicle. You’ll enjoy up to 25% off – something that’ll make a big difference in today’s economic climate where almost everything seems to be rising in price!

Driving with a disability can come with unique challenges, but it shouldn’t mean you have to break the bank with safeguarding your vehicle and the equipment in it.

In this article, we share what you can save on car insurance if you’re a vehicle owner with a disability.

A parking bay for people with a disability parking permit

How can I get a disability car insurance discount?

It’s simple. As an Australian disability parking permit holder, you’re eligible for discounted car insurance with Blue Badge Insurance. Our team likes to think we positively discriminate for people with disability.

We know you’re safer drivers compared to the rest of the population on average. True. And that deserves to be rewarded.

We also know this country’s disability parking permits are designed to reduce fraud because disability parking cheats are a serious problem. Blue Badge fully supports this, so if your disability parking permit is valid and permanent then we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Making sure your permit is sorted

If you’re not sure how to get a permit or renew your existing one, we’ve written several articles to help you through these steps. These include:

Hopefully you’re already aware that disability car insurance isn’t the only discount for people with disabilities in Australia. Not by a long shot.

Find out about a range of discounts, like car tax, stamp duty and vehicle registration in our article on disability discounts.

A woman with a disability parking permit is riding a motorized scooter on a street, thankful for her car insurance discount

Discounted comprehensive disability car insurance – but how much?

Now you know your valid disability parking permit can get you a car insurance discount of up to 25%, what exactly does this insurance cover?

Blue Badge Insurance offers two main types of car insurance. One is for modified cars and the other is for cars without modifications. (If you’re not sure what the difference between these vehicles is, we cover that in the next section further down.)

Whether you choose car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles and disability converted cars or disability car insurance, the cover is broad. That’s why it’s ‘comprehensive car insurance’.

What cover do I get with disability car insurance?

Our comprehensive disability car insurance encompasses several benefits and optional add-ons. Have a look:

  • Accidents. Accidental cover includes cover for damage caused by collision, impact or malicious damage
  • Legal liability. Up to $20 million for legal liability in case you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s car or their property
  • Theft. Financial protection against loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft of your vehicle
  • Weather. Financial protection against loss or damage to it caused by fires, hail, storms or floods
  • Optional benefits. These are available as add-ons for a small extra fee and you can choose whether you’d like them as part of your car insurance. We’re talking things like windscreen repair and 24/7 roadside assistance, for example

If you’re not in the market for car insurance just yet because you’re still researching buying either type of vehicle, read about differences between wheelchair accessible vehicles and converted cars. Then don’t forget to get your car insurance quote and discount once you have your vehicle!

a man with a wheelchair drives his modified car with peace of mind knowing it's protected by discounted disability car insurance

Australia’s first disability insurance specialist

As Australia’s first disability and independence insurance specialist (we began in Australia in 2014), what makes Blue Badge Insurance different is its commitment to serving drivers and passengers with disability. In addition to our impressive car insurance discounts, we offer other benefits you’ll enjoy.

For example, your policy cover can extend to your family, friends, carers or support workers who drive your car.

Also, if someone steals your car we get that you’ll need transport while we help arrange your replacement car. During this time we’ll pay towards a rental car for 28 days so you can still get around.

We cover assistive technology in your vehicle too. Important assets like your wheelchair, mobility scooter or walker and a range of other mobility equipment you travel with. All this is part of your discounted car insurance!

Blue Badge also offers standalone wheelchair insurance and mobility scooter insurance to help financially safeguard your equipment when you’re using it outside the car.

Insurance discounts for modified and non-modified vehicles

As we mentioned earlier, our disability car insurance (and discount) is for modified and non-modified cars. Here’s a quick look at what we mean by these two categories of vehicle:

  • Disability car insurance for modified cars

Modified cars included wheelchair accessible vans and disability converted cars. Wheelchair accessible vehicles accommodate a wheelchair and can be adapted to drive from a wheelchair. Converted cars use disability converted car driving controls. Of course, a car can be a wheelchair accessible vehicle with modified driving controls.

  • Non-modified cars

If you’re a driver or passenger of a regular car without modifications or wheelchair access, you can still access disability discounted car insurance. Our car insurance is for everyone with a valid permanent disability parking permit.

A woman who uses a wheelchair is researching disability car insurance discounts with Blue Badge Insurance on her laptop while having coffee at a cafe

Get your disability car insurance discount today

Given the precious cargo it carries, it’s worthwhile looking into insuring your car as soon as possible. Should anything happen your discounted car insurance policy covers, we’ll be there in a flash to help you pay for the repair or replacement of your car.

We’re all about soft landings for our customers – we don’t want anyone left behind. Find out more about car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles and disability converted cars and disability car insurance. Or, move into the quote process by clicking below.

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