Disability Equipment Hire in Australia

young man helping young woman with crutches which is disability equipment

Sorting out disability equipment hire can seem overwhelming, especially the first time. There are a lot of factors to consider: what equipment do you need, how long will you need it for, what will best suit your lifestyle, how you will pick it up or can it be delivered, and, of course, the cost of hiring items.

Whether you’re going on holiday and can’t bring your own disability equipment with you, are waiting for approval for funding, need to hire a specialised piece of equipment for an activity, or want to “try before you buy” there are plenty of places that can help you hire the equipment you need.

Before you jump in, there are some things you need to know. Which is where we can help! Read our guide to disability equipment hire, which covers what questions you should ask and where you can look for hiring services.

And if you’re looking for more detailed advice on wheelchair hire or wheelchair accessible car hire specifically, we’ve got that covered too.

What to think about when you hire disability equipment

When you’re looking at disability equipment hire, you’ll need to take your personal circumstances into careful consideration. Making sure the equipment fits your unique needs is the most important thing, so don’t feel anxious about asking a lot of questions. Or about finding another provider if one isn’t suited to you!

Some things to think about when you’re hiring disability equipment include:

  • What exactly do you need the equipment to help you accomplish throughout the hire period?
  • When, where and how will you be using it?
  • How long should the disability equipment hire period last? For instance, the needs of somebody recovering from an accident would be different to those of somebody trialling a swivel chair before they purchase one.
  • How do you go about extending the hire period if need be?
  • Is the hire equipment insured or do you need to organise that?
  • What is your end goal – to find out whether you like a particular product, to “get by” while you’re waiting for a permanent solution, or something else?

Questions to ask the disability equipment hire provider

When you’ve decided on what equipment you need and for roughly what timeframe, you’ll need to start shopping around.

There are a few things you should always ask the disability equipment hire provider, to ensure you end up with products which are safe, suitable, and which don’t break the bank.

Always ask them:

  • Is the equipment maintained and/or serviced regularly?
  • Are there discounts for hiring multiple items? (If this is applicable to you!)
  • Is there a rent to buy option?
  • Can I shorten or extend my hire period as needed?
  • What happens if the equipment is damaged? Is there insurance, an excess, or similar?

And of course, make sure to get everything in writing via a contract before you agree to hiring equipment of any sort. That way you’ll be protected if there are any disputes, and will have a physical record of your agreement with the hiring provider.

This woman with a disability equipment hire wheelchair is speaking to an NDIS support coordinator

Where to hire disability equipment in Australia

Below are several disability equipment hire places around Australia that offer products you can check out. Please note, it isn’t an exhaustive list of businesses from which you’ll find equipment to hire.

Another good resource to help you find suitable hiring places is social media groups, both community-based and disability-specific. Funding organi

However, this list is a good place to start:








Nationwide/multiple locations:

Specialised insurance

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