But You Don’t “Look” Disabled

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If you have an invisible disability or other invisible health condition, chances are that you have been confronted about using accessible facilities.

Despite having a valid disability parking permit and being entitled to using accessible facilities such as bathrooms and accessible seats on public transport, most people think that those with invisible disabilities are cheating the system based on how they look – namely, because they don’t use a wheelchair.

The term invisible disabilities refers to a wide range of symptoms including chronic pain, brain injuries, fatigue, dizziness, mental health disorders, hearing and vision impairments and many others. While they may not be obvious to others because the don’t use an assistive device, invisible disabilities are very real and can significantly impact (and sometimes limit) the way that someone goes about their daily activities. While the effects of invisible disabilities vary from person to person, most people experience some physical conditions that affect their mobility. This is why they need – and are entitled – to use accessible facilities.

Unfortunately, this means that people with invisible disabilities are often confronted about using accessible facilities. In some cases, these situations can become aggressive and leave people feeling frustrated and in some cases, frightened.

To help raise awareness of these issues, we at Blue Badge would like to find out if you have experienced this type of harassment through our anonymous survey. It should only take 5 minutes of your time and will hopefully help us make a difference.

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