New App to Report Illegal Parking

Report Illegal Parking

One of the most common complaints of Disability Parking Permit users is people who use accessible spaces illegally. Too often people think it’s okay to use these spaces if they only plan to park there for a short period of time, not realising the impact and inconvenience this has on people who legitimately need these spaces.

While some permit holders are happy to approach people who use these spaces without a valid permit, many people are frightened to do so following numerous reports of people becoming aggressive and even abusive when confronted.

“While helping my son out of the car, I noticed a car pull into the space next to us without a permit. I know how hard it can be to find a disabled spot so I decided to politely ask the driver whether he had a permit. He immediately started shouting at me, saying I had no right to question him and that I should mind my own business”, said a mother from NSW, who prefers to stay anonymous. “I was really taken aback! I was shocked at how angry he got, it was scary and it really upset my my son. If it hadn’t been for a kind stranger who stepped-in to diffuse the situation, I don’t know how far it would have gone”.

Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence, with many similar incidences being reported every day.

The other issue is that most councils don’t have the resources to continually monitor their parking facilities for misuse, making the problem all the more frustrating for permit holders.

Disability Parking Permit users may be happy to hear that they can now report parking offenders using Snap Send Solve, a new app that allows you to report a variety of issues, including illegal parking, to the relevant council quickly and easily.

Watch the video below to find out more about the app, then tell us on Facebook whether you think this will help solve the issue of people parking in accessible spaces illegally.

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