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Wheelchair travel blogs should be one of your best friends if you’re feeling the pull to expand your horizons again (literally). Can’t wait for your next chance to see somewhere new? Read this…

Wheelchair travel blogs for the modern traveller

Travelling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things are wonderful ways to broaden your horizons and enjoy your independence. Wheelchair travel blogs can be great sources of accessible travel information, as well as travel inspiration. While COVID has halted international travel for Australians, planning a trip can help to give you something to look forward to. Or something to follow through with right now, if it’s a local destination you have your eye on.

Accommodation, airlines, and attractions have made improvements in accessibility over recent years. But we all know there are still barriers to travel for wheelchair users. That’s part of the reason we love wheelchair blogs from people who bring a different perspective to travel coverage. They show us how it can be done and reiterate that nobody should feel excluded from travel experiences.

These wheelchair travel blogs are some of our favourites. They’re incredible resources for people living with disability who don’t want mobility challenges stop them from seeing the world.

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

This wheelchair travel blog is run by Julie, a travel blogger based in Sydney. Julie grew up travelling the world as a child, worked as a travel consultant, and now travels extensively with her family. Her son has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user.

Julie’s blog focuses exclusively on Australia and the USA, so is a great resource for local travel ideas and tips. It’s also a good place to start if you’re dreaming of a trip to America. With vast experience of the ins and outs of travelling with a wheelchair, she has plenty of tips which will help you to be more prepared for your jet-setting adventures.

If your idea of a perfect holiday is all about road travel, check out this piece we wrote for Julie. And if your plan involves sand, sun, and sea then read our own blog’s tips on visiting the beach with a wheelchair. We’ve noticed a number of recent updates about accessible beaches on the Accessible Travel Group Facebook page too. But we digress…

Wheelchair Travel

John Morris is something of a wheelchair travel blogging veteran. A car accident in 2012 left him with severe burns, resulting in a triple amputation and him needing to adapt to life in a wheelchair. Since then, John has visited 46 countries in his power wheelchair.

John says that online resources for wheelchair accessible travel can be unreliable and limited. “I aim to disrupt that unacceptable status quo. I write only about the places I have visited and the experiences I have had from the seat of my wheelchair” he says.

Wheelchair Travel houses a vast amount of accessible travel resources, including guides to air and train travel, databases of useful information like wheelchair taxis and accessible travel agents, and blogs on destinations across the globe that will ignite some serious wanderlust.

It’s a wheelchair blog you won’t want to miss.

disability access can make a beach holiday all the more worthwhile

Free Wheelin’ Travel

If your favourite type of travel involves the open road and the wind in your hair, you’ll be captivated by Karin Willison’s wheelchair blog. She travels around the USA on jealousy-inducing road trips with her service dog by her side. So if road trips are your thing, Karin is an expert!

Even if you can’t get to America yet, there’s plenty to be learned from this wheelchair travel blog.

While Karin is based in the USA, her articles are useful to readers across the world. Blogs like “Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Room Problems – And Solutions” are coupled with destination-specific guides as well as helpful advice on travelling with an assistance dog.

Curb Free With Cory Lee

Cory Lee is a wheelchair user with spinal muscular atrophy. He says that his “goal is to show you how to travel, where to travel, and most importantly, why travel as a person with a disability.” Cory started his blog back in 2013 when he realised (like John Morris!) that there was a lack of resources available to travellers with disabilities.

Nowadays, Cory has travelled to over 30 countries and had some crazy experiences. From a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a hippo in South Africa to riding a camel across the Sahara. And his blog shares all these adventures with the world, highlighting accessible activities and destinations in even the most far-flung places.

Plus, he has an incredible series of interviews with other wheelchair users who are travelling to their heart’s content.

If reading this wheelchair blog awakens the travel bug in you, check out our tips for safe social distancing while travelling. Being COVID-cautious is just a fact of travel life nowadays but it doesn’t have to stop you from exploring.

Wheelchair travel made easy with insurance

If you’re planning on taking a trip with your wheelchair, make sure you have adequate wheelchair insurance.

Did you know Blue Badge Insurance covers wheelchairs for travel (domestic and international) as standard with our insurance policy? Whether you’re covered when travelling is one of six questions to ask insurers when getting insurance for your wheelchair.

Wheelchair travel blogs – over to you

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