Your COVID Safe Staycation: Home Delivery Meals and Entertainment

Home delivery meals, books and groceries make a great staycation

As another COVID wave rolls in, holidaying at home is increasingly the safest bet. Happily, home delivery meals and other order-in service providers are broadening their services and reach to meet our demands. Although the pandemic is certainly stressful, it’s forced them – and us – to look at life a whole new way.

The simpler things in life, like staying home with a great book, streaming a film or simply eating something delicious (and healthy) has renewed appeal. Perhaps it’s even increased its appeal beyond what we’d experienced previously.

Our socially distanced lifestyles highlight how beautiful these seemingly small but satisfying activities can be.

We’re seeing the value of living simpler, with an emphasis on living locally but with the modern twist of high-speed, reliable, to-your-door delivery.

So, let’s look at what this festive season has to offer in this respect. From tasty and wholesome ready-made home delivery meals to holiday reading lists and more…

Where to order delicious home delivery meals

Australia has great food; we all know it. And although home delivery meals in the not-so-distant past used to resemble aeroplane or hospital food, for the most part they no longer do. Provided, of course, that you order from a food company that appreciates quality ingredients and recipes.

Here are our top picks for ordering ready-made home delivery meals:

Able Foods make delicious home delivery meals

Able Foods, disability led

We love Able Foods, not only because it’s founded by celebrity sportsman Dylan Alcott who surely knows a thing or two about eating well for fitness. Mainly, it’s because the company sources fantastic ingredients to make their ready-made delicious meals, texture modified dishes and healthy snacks.

Able Foods isn’t just committed to great home delivery meals, they’re also an industry leader in employing people living with disability. And if you’re an NDIS participant, you may be able to get a portion of your Able Foods order paid for by the NDIS!

Feeling hungry? Take a look at their ready-made home delivery meals menu.

Other ready-made meal delivery

Other of our favourite places to order ready-made home delivery meals from include:

  • The Good Meal Company. Another great company offering co-pay to NDIS and My Aged Care participants – a great way to reduce the cost of ready-made tasty meals.
  • ChefPrep. Order cooked restaurant meals from a choice selection of restaurants in the one order. By that we mean you can order from multiple restaurants all in one go and have them delivered in the same delivery. Plus, ChefPrep is currently offering 20% off your next order… Eat your heart out, Menulog.
  • Dietlicious. Order healthy home delivery meals according to your dietary needs. Options include gluten, dairy, coriander, capsicum or nut free, vegan and veggie. Or you can choose from food cleanse, low carb, keto friendly, gut health and more. The menu also shows how many calories, protein, carbs and fat are in each dish.
  • The Dinner Ladies. Stunning artisanal fresh home cooked meals, frozen and delivered to your door.
  • Uber Eats. Uber Eats gets a place on our list simply because, as the world’s largest food delivery service, they deliver the largest selection of home delivery meals.
Home delivery meals are great for an accessible staycation

Home delivery meals that are make-your-own kits

Maybe you prefer cooking your own food, or someone else cooks for you at home. There’s no doubt following a fantastic recipe and enjoying the smells and sounds of sizzling in the kitchen is one of the greatest sensory delights on offer.

If this sounds like you, you may want to skip ordering ready-made meals and order home delivery meal kits instead. This type of home delivery meal generally offers you a range of recipes to choose from online. Once you’ve selected your recipes they pack the ingredients needed and deliver both to your door.

Here are some of our favourite home delivery meal kit options:

  • Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh offers you 25 wholesome new recipes to choose from every week. You need to subscribe to use their fresh goods delivery service and customers say their fresh produce is fresher than the store-bought stuff. Get $130 off your first 4 boxes!
  • Woolworths. Tried and trusted, Woolworths is great for everyday ingredients and other household products too. Their website has a TON of recipes just waiting to be enjoyed. Plus, pandemic shut-downs see them prioritising delivery to customers with disability.
  • Dinnerly. Order pre-portioned ingredients in a chill box via a subscription plan that lets you choose what day you want to receive your delivery. According to the website, prices start from $4.85 per portion.
  • Dinner Sorted. A weekly Monday delivery brings you all the ingredients you’ve selected for your week’s cooking. And in its own words: “Every box gives two meals per week to Aussies that need a feed”.
  • Pepper Leaf. Get your delivery on a Saturday or Monday with Pepper Leaf, which lists the farms, delis and other specialist food suppliers that stock their produce. Plus, the website says they’ll add free seasonal fruit to your first two orders.

Food delivery services have more than doubled since the pandemic started so you can expect great service and fresh goods when you order your home delivery meal kits.

smartphone accessibility features can make learning easier

What about home delivery entertainment?

What’s good food without pairing it with good entertainment?

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of wonderful (and accessible) ways to be entertained this staycation. If you love reading, listening to audiobooks or watching films there are plenty of choices.

  • Books. Booktopia has a wide selection of free e-books or you can pay for books online. For those who love paperbacks (and pets), this list of holiday reads for animal lovers is filled with fiction and non-fiction stories to keep you entertained all summer.
  • Audiobooks. If you prefer listening to audiobooks, Audible offers a free 30-day trial that gets you one free audiobook for easy listening.
  • Music. Love listening to music? Spotify is currently offering three free months of premium listening.
  • Films and TV. We’re addicted to Netflix, but we also love this list of free streaming services compiled by Canstar for fuss free viewing. Plenty of streaming services offer 30 days free or similar, like Stan.
  • YouTube. Anyone who’s been down the YouTube “I’ll just watch one clip” rabbit hole can tell you a whole world awaits you on this online video sharing platform. And it’s free. More to spend on food!

While we’re on the subject of saving money, why not check out our big list of disability discounts you mightn’t know about.

Heading out? Keep it COVID safe

Are you heading away from home this summer as well? Check out our list of accessible pet-friendly accommodation and tips for visiting the beach with a wheelchair first. But most importantly, whether it’s a holiday or just a short trip to the store, make sure you remember how to practice safe social distancing.

And while you’re at it, give yourself a refresher on how to wear face masks and take care of them properly.

Wheelchair insurance

You can help your summer be hassle free with wheelchair insurance and mobility scooter insurance protecting your mobility essentials. The last thing you’d want during your staycation is to be without your wheelchair, mobility scooter or car. We also offer up to 25% off our disability car insurance and big discounts on Blue Badge pet insurance for disability parking permit holders.

Our insurance protects your mobility by helping pay the costs of repair, replacement and more if your car, wheelchair or scooter is damaged, broken or stolen. Contact us today to find out more. Then you can enjoy your home delivery meals and entertainment with complete peace of mind!

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