Is Disability Converted Vehicle Insurance More Expensive?

Blue Badge Insurance offers discounted disabled vehicle insurance

Regular vehicle insurance providers commonly charge higher premiums for disability converted vehicle insurance, whereas Blue Badge Insurance doesn’t. Why is this? When it comes to mainstream car insurance the majority of clients don’t drive modified vehicles. And when they do, more often than not, the modifications in question are luxury conversions.

A couple of these conversion examples are modifying a closed top vehicle into a convertible or adding serious cinematic surround sound capability. Although nothing alike, disability conversions are often lumped by regular car insurers into the same bracket as luxury conversions. And with that comes more costly car insurance.

But that’s not all. There seems to be a common misconception among vehicle insurers and society alike – the idea that drivers with disability are higher risk. This simply isn’t the case. Our article highlights this, and covers how and why Blue Badge Insurance is breaking the disability converted vehicle insurance mold, to offer fair and affordable insurance.

That leads us to sharing the Drive-ABLE podcast featuring Blue Badge Insurance’s very own CEO Nik Witcombe…

Nik Witcombe shares statistics for disability converted vehicle insurance

Ali Akbarian and Brad Williams are the co-hosts of the highly informative drive-ABLE podcast featuring the latest information on driving with disability. This highly engaging podcast features industry news and trends by sharing valuable insights from drivers with disability and industry experts alike.

The latest podcast features Nik Witcombe, who gives away some great spoilers about up-and-coming insurance products (assistance dog owners and pet owners should tune into this one). And he shares expert knowledge about disability converted vehicle insurance in general.

Watch the drive-able podcast here:

Blue Badge Insurance provides affordable tailored disability converted vehicle insurance

Insurance is all about numbers. So how can Blue Badge Insurance offer quality disability car insurance and mobility equipment insurance that’s affordable?

We’re different – we’re not selling insurance to the masses. We’re selling safety and security at a fair, affordable price to people who know what it’s like to be seen as a minority. We seek to understand the end user, their unique experience and conditions. And unlike mainstream car insurers, we don’t see drivers with disability as higher risk.

We also don’t hand over car insurance policies without first discussing the client’s individual needs, which gives us the chance to tailor the policy down to the last detail.

Why are drivers with disability lower risk on the road?

Risk taking is the primary cause for car accidents in Australia. Speeding, drunk driving, driver fatigue, and distracted driving are among the top reasons for fatal and non-fatal car accidents. Drivers with disability tend to be more cognisant of the extent of their abilities and aren’t in the business of taking unnecessary risks.

When you live with disability that affects mobility, you have to fight harder for access to freedom of mobility. This is something many people who don’t live with disability take for granted and may be more prone to risking.

As mentioned in the podcast, drivers with disability have to undergo more driving assessments than other drivers. Then there’s the added administration and cost of having to get a disability parking permit. Not to mention how costly modifications on a disability converted vehicle are over and above the base vehicle cost.

Possibly greater than all the reasons listed above is that living with disability requires dedication, effort and focus in living your best life. This can be a major expenditure of energy that those without disabilities simply don’t have to exert. As such the freedom of mobility is something that when achieved is consciously safeguarded.

Disability parking permit holders have already had to take extra precautions to maintain their mobility. This is why they’re far less likely to speed or drive under the influence. People living with disability are often used to having to pay close attention to feelings of fatigue. They know it can easily lead to distraction. This may have a positive effect on the ability to assess when it’s safe or unsafe to command a vehicle.

a disability insurance specialist makes this man happy

Get 25% discounted car insurance with your disability parking permit

If you hold a disability parking permit, contact us today to get up to 25% off your disability converted vehicle insurance. Our car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles and disability converted cars (and non-modified cars!) covers more than just your vehicle repair and replacement. It also covers any listed assistive technology you travel with in your car, other drivers of your car, and more.

Contact us today and find out more about purchasing your car insurance, wheelchair insurance or mobility scooter insurance plan today. You could save plenty of money with people who understand disability motoring.

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