Why We Love Folding Mobility Scooters

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Folding mobility scooters have to be one of the most useful mobility inventions of the past couple of decades. And that’s including all the amazing new innovations in assistive technology that have been developed more recently.

Although there’s nothing overly complicated or technological about the design of a folding mobility scooter, they certainly make things easier for people with limited mobility across Australia. And they’ll come in handy more and more as the country continues to open up between its states/territories and other countries.

Who can’t wait to travel again?!

4 reasons we love folding mobility scooters

As insurers of mobility scooters, we know how important this piece of equipment can be to your overall quality of living. Folding mobility scooters can make life even easier in certain situations…

Here are four reasons we love them.

1. They’re lightweight

Mobility equipment doesn’t have to be clunky and heavy. Most folding mobility scooters weigh less than 30 kilograms, with some super lightweight models weighing only around 10kgs. Or the weight of a small dog!

We love that this makes them easy to move and carry, both for the person living with disability and their family, support worker or carer. Moving a heavy mobility scooter around just isn’t always possible, especially if you have limited strength and a lack of equipment to lift it in and out of a vehicle.

One foldable mobility scooter brand we’ve heard especially good things about is Luggie. Their scooters are lightweight, extremely compact, said to have a great turning circle and are very easy to fold up. They’re also known to have a long battery life and depending on which scooter you choose it will have either a lithium battery or sealed lead acid batteries (SLA).

Check out the Luggie in action:

2. They’re portable

Of course, the main benefit of folding mobility scooters is that they can…well…fold. This combined with being light weight means they’re easily portable and can come along with you in places where a traditional mobility scooter might not be able to.

This gives you more options as to where you can go and what you can see. Being able to bring your mobility scooter with you could mean you’re able to fly to a tropical holiday destination (COVID restrictions allowing, of course), easily take part in a roadtrip with friends, access a narrow scenic walkway in a national park or easily pop into a small shopping centre.

Put simply, it could help you join in activities that might otherwise be out of reach with a larger, heavier scooter.

3. Some folding mobility scooters are automatic

For extra ease, some folding mobility scooters don’t even require manual folding.

The automatic ones means your mobility scooter can fold into a compact package with just the touch of a button. Perfect if you have impaired fine motor control or lack the strength or coordination needed to fold a mobility scooter manually.

For those living with intellectual impairments, automatic folding mobility scooters make the process of unfolding and folding straightforward and easy to remember. Here’s a video of a folding mobility scooter in action.

4. They’re easy to store

Another major plus point of folding mobility scooters is their easy storage. For example, if you live in an area with limited or no parking, being able to easily store your mobility scooter inside your home or in a small storage area is a huge benefit. Especially with mobility scooter theft on the rise.

Plus, and we’ll say it again, it opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to transport. Because folding mobility scooters are portable, lightweight, and easy to store they’re easier to bring on roadtrips (even with small cars!), take on a plane, or simply squeeze into little spaces like a small hotel room when needed.

On the other hand if you have a non-folding scooter, you might have to consider finding suitable mobility equipment storage for holidays solutions when you’re travelling.

The downsides

Of course, while there are many upsides to folding mobility scooters, like anything there are some downsides.

A primary one is that being lightweight and foldable means they’re not as sturdy as a regular mobility scooter. So, if you’re on the heavy side or quite tall, or your balance is lacking, this type of scooter design may not be appropriate.

Another consideration is the terrain you’ll be navigating with it… Folding mobility scooters aren’t known for their suitability for uneven terrain or up steep hills, for example. Look for one with a robust design and extra stability, and always test drive before you buy or hire.

Further, with a smaller mobility scooter comes a smaller battery and less range per charge. Be prepared to recharge it more often.

Insurance for mobility scooters

Do you have a regular mobility scooter as well as a folding mobility scooter? The Blue Badge Insurance team members are experts in insuring crucial mobility equipment and disability converted cars.

Insuring your mobility scooter protects you financially against theft and accident. We know your mobility is important, so your scooter is too – find out more about our mobility scooter insurance.

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