Spinal Life Australia Inspires us to “Take Life Back”

Spinal Life Australia campaigns for inclusivity, says this girl in a wheelchair with anxiety

Spinal Life Australia pioneers ‘accessible, equitable and empowered’ living for people with physical disability, in a wide range of ways. It’s an organisation that has supported the physical disability community for over 60 years.

Late last year, Spinal Life Australia launched a new campaign called “Take Life Back”.

“Our new campaign, Take Life Back, aims to capture the spirit of what drives the people in our organisation each day. Together we want to empower our customers to Take Life Back, however that might look.”

– Spinal Life Australia on Twitter

Latest Spinal Cord Australia campaign: Take Life Back

‘Take Life Back’ may just be a simple three letter slogan, but it carries a deep and priceless message. Everyone is living a life, but what happens when the life you know and expect to keep on living changes drastically?

Experiencing a life changing physical disability can be like being born again. It can force you to relearn what your life looks like and how you live. And perhaps even more significant is having to relearn who you are and how you perceive yourself.

Many of us take it for granted that the life we have and the body we’ve been given is ours to keep. However, physical disability and aging can be humbling because they show us nothing is a given. Everything we have is a gift worth appreciating and making the most of.

The key message? While disability does affect one’s life, life itself shouldn’t be determined by disability. It should be determined by each person and their hopes and goals.

Watch this video from Spinal Life Australia on the ‘Take Back Life’ campaign:

How Spinal Life Australia came up with the campaign

On their website, Spinal Life Australia shares how the campaign was formed as disability led exercise. Spinal Life Australia engaged its community for content so it could share firsthand lived experiences from people who’ve taken their lives back after spinal cord injuries.

Whether it’s about learning to be a sportsperson in a whole new way after a spinal cord injury, or becoming a mother while living with paraplegia, the message may inspire people with similar disabilities to find inspiration to live out their goals and take life back.

What else does Spinal Life Australia do?

Campaigning for inclusivity is just one of the ways Spinal Life Australia supports people with disabilities. The organisation also offers critical services and resources.

Here are some examples:

  • Peer support. Access to people with similar lived experiences who are passionate about sharing accessible solutions and more.
  • Back2work. Early intervention vocational rehabilitation to help people with spinal cord injuries get back to their work or studies.
  • The Advocate. A free magazine that covers the latest accessible trends you might need or want.

There are many more services offered by Spinal Life Australia. These range from physiotherapy and plan management to occupational therapy (read about occupational therapy functional assessments).

And the list doesn’t end there.

They can be an avenue through which you find assistance with exploring your wheelchair accessible vehicle or the latest assistive technology, or they can help you seek out a peer to speak with about disability converted car driving controls. You may even want to ask them for suggestions on how to go about driving with disability as a new or experienced driver.

Assistance like this can be crucial in getting back into the swing of life after it all changes.

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