Australian Fashion Week Presents Adaptive Clothing Collective, 12 May

AFTERPAY Australian Fashion Week features Carol Taylor partnering with Jessie Sadler of Christina Stephens

This year, AFTERPAY Australian Fashion Week will present something wonderful for the very first time – the Adaptive Clothing Collective debut runway presentation. The event takes place on Thursday 12 May at 10 am in Sydney, featuring a new and never before seen inclusive fashion collection.

This is not only the debut of a new adaptive clothing range born in Australia, but also the launch of a stellar new partnership. Two of Australia’s most inspirational inclusive fashion icons have joined forces to take the adaptive clothing industry to new heights.

Carol Taylor, renowned as Australia’s first quadriplegic inclusive clothing designer, has partnered with the Christina Stephens clothing label founder, Jessie Sadler. Watch this video to see how these two fashion innovators are working together:

A first for inclusive Australian fashion

The new Australian fashion partnership is being hailed as a “revolution” and “world first” by fashion magazines like Inside Retail. And we couldn’t agree more. Carol and Jessie are both innovators in their own right.

Carol joins the Christina Stephens label as a partner and lead design and also as production manager. It’s a win-win situation for accessibility and Australian fashion! Each designer brings something unique to the table, from elegance and sophistication to beauty and innovative adaptability.

That said, the dynamic duo isn’t giving away any secrets about the new collection. All we know is that it’s inclusive, ready to wear and launching on 12 May at the Australian Fashion Week.

Let me just say, there’s something very special being designed for the girl that can’t stand up.

– Carol Taylor

We also know the items from the collection will go on pre-sale after the show. So keep an on the label’s website and social media. That way you can get their latest news as soon as it’s announced.

“We’ve worked on some completely new, exciting, and thought-provoking pieces.”

– Jessie Sadler

Pssst. After Australian Fashion week, they also have a new Menswear Collection coming out. It’s going to be accessible, formal, comfy and, of course, stylish!

upcoming inclusive designs for Australian Fashion Week

Carol Taylor

Carol’s designs are born out of her experience as a quadriplegic. Paralysed from the chest down, with no hand or finger movement, she’s found innovative ways to use adaptive tools and limited arm movement to design and paint. We featured her incredible paintings in our article on accessible art.

In 2019 Carol showcased her inclusive clothing designs at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, to great applause. Since then she has continued broadening her range and finetuning its functionality.

Carol’s Australian fashion designs are beautiful, adaptable and easy to change in and out of. This means they also cater to temperature fluctuations and conditions like autonomic dysreflexia.

Christina Stephens

You might think Christina Stephens is the other woman in the dynamic duo, but it’s actually Jessie Sadler. She named the label after her mum Christina and dad, Stephen.

Jessie started the label when her mum was experiencing a short-term disability and she saw there weren’t enough adaptive clothing options available in Australia. The choices that did exist didn’t satisfy physical needs as well as style and elegance. Not only has her label helped remedy this, but it’s growing from strength to strength and is now available from The Iconic.

Earlier this year we published an article on clothing featuring Carol Taylor, Christina Stephens and EveryHuman – read about this adaptive clothing in Australia here.

AFTERPAY Australian Fashion Week – accessible and inclusive

AFTERPAY Australian Fashion Week launches inclusive clothing range

The Adaptive Clothing Collective debut runway presentation for Fashion Week is taking place at Carriageworks in Eveleigh, NSW. Be sure to book your tickets early to avoid missing out.

Just like the Australian fashion on show, the venue is also inclusive and wheelchair accessible. Here’s what inclusive facilities you can expect at this historic Australian fashion event:

Accessibility at the Adaptive Clothing Collective debut Key information
Wheelchair accessibleContact +61 2 8571 9099 in advance to book an onsite wheelchair
Accessible seating availableYou can buy tickets for up to two accompanying patrons for the accessible seating area
Companion cardsComplimentary tickets may be available with a companion card. Contact +61 2 8571 9100 to find out more. This depends on the event and not only on the venue.
Access rampStreet level access ramp at 245 Wilson Street leads to the main entrance
Accessible parking Entrance at 229 Wilson Street for wheelchair taxi drop-off or accessible parking. There are four mobility parking spaces at the Carriageworks car park (arrive early!)
Accessible toiletsAccessible toilets are available in the main building
Assistance Dogs Accredited assistance dogs always welcome throughout the precinct

Insurance to protect your independence and mobility

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