Can You Cover Disability Modified Cars with Insurance?

A woman drives a vehicle with modifications for driving with disability and has them protected in case of theft or damage with modified car insurance

Does insurance cover disability modified cars? If yes, if you really can insure a modified car, then is modified car insurance more expensive? Either way, what will it cover? If you’re considering buying a modified car or modifying one yourself through a professional, these are great questions to ask.

You’ll certainly want to protect your investment, after all.

Disability modifications can make cars impressively accessible. Whether it’s accelerating with your hands or using a joystick to steer, the world of vehicle modifications is growing rapidly. As Australia’s first disability and independence insurance specialist, Blue Badge Insurance answers common modified car insurance questions here.

Let’s take at whether modified cars are illegal in Australia and if you can insure them.

Are modified cars illegal in Australia?

First, let’s focus on disability vehicle modifications rather than mods done to improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and so on.

If you’re planning on buying (or modifying to create) a wheelchair accessible vehicle or converted car, you’ll know it takes a serious amount of money. This is why it’s important to ensure that all the modifications fitted or made are compliant with Australian law.

Whether intentionally or not, car modifications can affect the different functions and therefore safety of a vehicle. Obviously no one wants this to happen and, yes, it’s against the law unless you follow the correct process. Thankfully there are steps in place to help you avoid this happening so you can make your investment with peace of mind.

Read all about the compliance steps to keep your car modifications within Australian Design Rules so you can safely and legally registration your modified car.

a car with luxury modifications is charged higher premiums for modified car insurance

Luxury modifications VS disability modifications

When you say “modified car” people often think of luxury car modifications. But mag wheels or performance enhancing engine tuning aren’t the same as fitting disability car modifications for drivers who live with disability.

Not everyone realises this distinction between luxury car modifications and disability car modifications, and this can complicate things when you try getting modified car insurance for driving with disability.

Let’s look at that next.

Can you insure a modified car and does it cost more?

The big question we’re answering in this article is: can you insure a modified car? The answer is yes. But unfortunately general car insurance providers sometimes lump disability modifications into the same general category as luxury ones.

As you can imagine, car mods that are associated with luxury tend to result in higher car insurance premiums. That’s why, although insurance does cover modified cars, it’s important to find a provider that:

1. understands the difference between luxury and disability mods, and
2. doesn’t charge you more.

Established back in 2014, Blue Badge Insurance is a disability and independence insurance specialist that offers affordable car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles and disability converted cars. We don’t think your disability modifications are luxury items. Rather, we see them as being central to your independence and you shouldn’t have to pay more to protect them.

a man in a wheelchair gets lifted into a wheelchair accessible vehicle

What’s covered by disability modified car insurance?

Now that we know the answer to “Does insurance cover disability modified cars?” is YES, let’s take a look at what this cover can include.

If your car or conversions are accidentally broken or stolen then we provide you with a range of added benefits. For example, if someone steals your wheels we can help pay for a new replacement vehicle or a rental car. We’ll also help pay for the replacement of necessary conversions, assistance with emergency repairs and cover for personal belongings that were in your car too.

Tailor it to your needs

Together with us, you can specify the coverage for these modifications in your Certificate of Insurance, making sure your valuable items are well protected in case they break, get damaged or are stolen.

Just like regular care insurance you can add on optional benefits too, like roadside assistance for when your car breaks down.

Your safety and mobility are our top priority, and we’re here to support you on your journey. That’s why we’ve compiled more modified car insurance guides for you to explore:

When it comes to insuring your car with necessary disability-related modifications, we’ve got you covered.

A woman contacts Blue Badge Insurance to make a modified car insurance claim

How to make a modified car insurance claim

What good is car insurance if it’s hard to make a reimbursement claim? That’s why Blue Badge Insurance makes it a central part of our commitment to help you claim as easily as possible.

When you need to make a claim, please get in touch with us as quickly as possible. Our aim is to simplify the claims process and provide support through options like choosing your repairer and offering a lifetime repair guarantee.

Find out more about making a car insurance claim with us after an accident.

Discounted disability modified car insurance

Not only does Blue Badge Insurance offer disability modified car insurance, but as a disability parking permit holder, you’re eligible for a hefty discount. Contact us today to find out about up to 25% off your un-modified car, with our disability car insurance, or off our car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles and disability converted cars.

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