We Answer the Top Disability Parking Permit Application FAQ

A man in a wheelchair loading a shopping cart in a parking lot where he can use priority parking thanks to successfully completing his application for an accessible parking permit

Driving with disability usually means needing to complete a disability parking permit application – a process that can be confusing. However, the application for an accessible parking permit is simply multi-layered to ensure it’s fair. After all, getting accessible parking can be challenging enough with a valid parking permit!

In this article, Blue Badge Insurance provides a disability parking permit application FAQ for all the top questions. From doing the initial application to renewing, types of permits, how to display them and much more… we’ve covered it.

Like many other types of Aussie permits, the application for an accessible parking permit isn’t always the same in every part of the country. Read on to find out what you need to know, according to where you live and drive.

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Who is eligible for a disability parking permit?

So you’re ready to complete your disability parking permit application! That’s great – and if you live with a permanent or long term disability that affects your mobility, you most likely fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Having said that, it does depend on the nature of your particular disability and the requirements outlined by your state or territory. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • New South Wales

In New South Wales, eligibility includes being blind or having a mobility disability, defined as the inability to walk due to a loss of leg use, difficulty walking 100 meters or a need for mobility aids.

  • Queensland

Queensland residents may qualify if they always require a wheelchair or have a severely restricted ability to walk. This would be because of a permanent or long-term medical condition that a doctor or occupational therapist can certify.

  • South Australia

In South Australia, eligibility is based on a permanent or temporary impairment lasting more than six months that severely restricts movement, speed and makes it difficult to access and use public transport. On this last note, find out more about the mobility allowance and taxi subsidies for people who use mobility equipment.

Before getting started on your disability parking permit application, check out the criteria for your state or territory in our guide that's linked at the bottom of this next section. 
A woman in a wheelchair completing a disability parking permit application online.

How to apply for an accessible parking permit

As mentioned, the disability parking permit application process in Australia varies by state or territory. It also varies whether it’s for a permanent or temporary permit. Generally, the steps involve completing an application form and consulting with a GP to validate your medical needs.

You’ll likely also need documentation from an occupational therapist who can assist you with submitting the application to the relevant authority. Supporting evidence is usually needed, including proof of identity to confirm it’s really you who needs the permit and your disability-related documentation.

The approval process may or may not involve a fee. It depends on which state or territory you live in because that’s where you’ll need to complete the disability parking permit application.

While the process may seem layered, it helps ensure only people who genuinely need disability parking permits get them. Read our complete guide on how to get a disability parking permit.

How to renew your disability parking permit

Again, the process to renew your disability parking permit varies by Australian state or territory. Our complete guide on how to renew your disability parking permit gives you precise details. For now, here’s a general look at what’s involved:

  • NSW. In New South Wales, applicants must download the Mobility Parking Scheme Application, fill it out, and visit a Service NSW Centre.
  • ACT. The Australian Capital Territory handles renewals through the act.gov.au website, requiring a completed form to be submitted to an Access Canberra Service Centre.
  • NT. Northern Territory residents download an application form, fill it out and submit it via email, post or in person.
  • QLD. Queensland renewal notices and applications can be done online or in-person.
  • SA. South Australia allows online renewal through www.sa.gov.au or other methods such as using a mySA GOV account or mailing the renewal form to Service SA.
  • TAS. In Tasmania, renewal involves the Transport Access Scheme application, which can be submitted via email, post or in person.
  • VIC. Victoria’s renewal process includes an online application.
  • WA. Western Australia sends renewal notices, providing a six month window for renewal after expiration.
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Disability parking permit application types

There are three types of disability parking permits in Australia:

Individual permits

Individual permits that are issued for five years are for anyone with a permanent disability. If you have this type of permit, you can use it as a driver or passenger. If your family, friends or support workers drive you, they can use it, but only while driving you.

Temporary permit

A temporary permit is valid for up to six months and is for people with a temporary disability. Once you’ve recovered, you can’t keep your permit as that will negatively affect those with disabilities who need accessible parking. Be aware that people with invisible disabilities often face harassment in parking lots when bystanders don’t believe they’re using their permit legitimately. Not all disabilities are visible.

Organisation permit

Organisation permits are for entities providing transport for people with disabilities, and employees can only use them while offering transport services to eligible permit holders. It’s emphasised that parking in accessible spaces is only permitted for those with a valid disability parking permit or those driving someone who has one.

How should you display your permit?

You guessed it – in Australia, the rules for displaying a disability parking permit vary by state and territory too. While the national Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP) can be used nationwide, each region may have additional requirements.

The general rules for displaying the ADPP include having it clearly visible on the dashboard (or, if there isn’t a dashboard then somewhere it’s clearly visible). Over and above displaying your permit, each state/territory often has a local permit that needs to be displayed as well.

Read our guide on how to display your disability parking permit wherever you live.

Image of an Australian disability parking permit with a blue and white design.

Can I use my permit interstate?

Happily, the answer is yes. You can use your disability parking permit in any state or territory of Australia. The Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPS) ensures national recognition of the permit, providing consistent benefits across regions.

While the core benefits remain the same, individual states or territories may offer additional local concessions. It’s important to be aware that parking rules, both standard and accessible, may vary slightly between different local areas also.

Have a read through our article on using your disability parking permit in another state to find out more.

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