Can I Use My Disability Parking Permit in Another State?

Woman with hat and jeans crouches in front of woman dressed in white in a wheelchair, who's using her disability parking permit in another state

Are you planning to travel to cross country soon – be it for holiday, work or to see a loved one? You may be wondering whether you can use your disability parking permit in another state or territory. It’s important to find out about interstate disability parking so that you’re up to scratch on the laws and regulations.

Anyone with a disability parking permit (DPP) knows accessible parking is essential to a smooth trip. Especially over the holidays when parking is scarce in many tourist and family hotspots! This applies whether you’re just popping out of your hotel to grab milk at the local shops or are travelling around seeing the sights.

That’s why we’re answering this question and more in this article. We also cover where to find accessible and pet friendly accommodation, plus some top facts about your DPP.

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So can I use my disability parking permit in another state?

Yes! You’re free to use your permit in another state or territory of Australia. Each one participates in the Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPS) – so your permit is recognised nationally.

It’ll provide much the same benefits wherever you are, though this does differ slightly between jurisdictions.

Beyond that, every state/territory has flexibility to offer extra concessions for people who live locally. And remember that parking rules – standard and accessible inclusive – may be a little different between areas too.

We know you want to prep well for your trip, so we’ve listed the DPP links for each state/territory below:

Important DPP travel links for each state and territory

Hopefully this helps you access the interstate disability parking spots you need to make your trip stress-free.

disability parking permit used in another state for this little girl's family holiday over Easter

Accessible accommodation for holidays and pets

Want to also know some top holiday spots that cater to varied needs? If so, read on. And if you’re taking your Assistance Dog or pet with you when using your disability parking permit in another state, we’ve listed top destinations that allow companion animals too.

On that, did you know Blue Badge Insurance now offers 25% off Assistance Dog insurance to safeguard your trusted helper’s medical needs. Don’t have an Assistance Dog but do have a beloved furry friend? If you’re a disability parking permit holder, you’re entitled to up to 15% off our pet insurance!

Now, here are some accessible destinations in Australia (and New Zealand, just in case):

Also read about travelling with a wheelchair or mobility scooter to ensure you tick the right checklist. And if you’re after comfy and stylish travel-fit clothing, you can’t go past Australian adaptive clothing brands.

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Using a DPP in New Zealand

Seeing as Australia and New Zealand have so many reciprocity agreements, you may be wondering if you can use your DPP across the pond. Unlike being able to use your disability parking permit in another state of Australia, the answer with NZ is unfortunately no. However, you can use your DPP to get a temporary New Zealand mobility parking permit from CCS Disability Action.

To do this, you’ll need to present your Australian permit and a valid passport or other form of identification. The temporary permit will be valid for up to 3 months.

Here are the steps on how to obtain a temporary New Zealand mobility parking permit:

  1. Visit the CCS Disability Action website or call 0800 662 7275 (0800 MOB PARK).
  2. Provide your name, contact information, and the details of your Australian disability parking permit.
  3. Provide a valid passport or other form of identification.
  4. Pay the application fee of +- AUD$18.
  5. Collect your temporary permit in person or have it mailed to you.
mum uses her disability parking permit in another state for Easter holiday travel

Using a disability parking permit in another state: More info

When you have a DPP, are wanting one or support someone with one, you’ll have questions other than what interstate disability parking is like. So we’ve compiled some answers via the links below to make life easier:

  1. How to display a disability parking permit in each state
  2. Accessible parking around the world for international travel
  3. Why are DPPs different
  4. Disability parking common questions answered
  5. Disability parking myths busted
  6. What you should know about a DPP
  7. How to get a disability parking permit
  8. How to renew your disability parking permit
  9. Why accessible parking spaces are designed the way they are
  10. App that reports illegal parking

Also watch this video from the Australian Disability Parking Scheme for more DPP info:

Protect your most valuable asset

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