5 Reasons to Insure Your Mobility Scooter

Scooters are a wonderful way to get around if you struggle to walk long distances. In fact, most mobility scooter users find that their scooter becomes indispensable to their life, and without it their independence would be compromised. So we’re often surprised to find that mobility scooter users often haven’t thought about insuring their scooter to help cover some of the costs associated with accidents, damage and third party liability.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider insuring your mobility scooter.

1. Your scooter is essential to your independence

Having an accident while using your mobility scooter, or having it stolen can be an incredibly distressing – not to mention inconvenient. It may mean being without your scooter while it is being repaired or replaced, which is hard if you rely on your scooter to get around every day.

You may have to depend on others to do your daily chores and activities if you are involved in an accident, so it makes sense to insure your mobility scooter to minimise the impact of a lost or damaged scooter.

2. Accidents happen

While most mobility scooter users take exceptional care when using their scooter, accidents do happen.

Whether it’s a crack in the footpath that throws you off balance, an unaware child that suddenly crosses your path or someone in a car reversing out of a driveway who doesn’t see you, there are potential risks in most everyday situations.

While unexpected costs associated with repairing your scooter can be stressful, these costs can be significantly higher if a third-party is involved in the accident and you have to pay for third-party injury costs (e.g. the legal, medical and grievance bills associated with accidentally running into someone) or third-party property costs (e.g. the costs associated with fixing a shop window or a scratch/dent in someone’s car). Unexpected costs are difficult to deal with for anyone, especially if you are on a fixed income to it makes sense to safeguard against these with a policy that includes third-party liability cover.

3. Mobility scooter theft is increasing

Mobility scooter theft has been steadily increasing over the past five years. Whether it’s kids wanting to take the scooter for a joyride or a thief out to make some quick cash, scooter thefts are frequently reported from people’s homes and shopping centres. While it’s important to protect yourself against these issues by locking your scooter when you’re not using it, it’s important to also take out an insurance policy that covers theft from both your home and while you’re out and about.

4. Mobility scooters are expensive

It goes without say that mobility scooters can be expensive. Most of us have been habitually insuring high value items like cars and bicycles, and scooters are no different.

5. Repairing your scooter is also expensive

Mobility scooters are sophisticated pieces of equipment. This means that repairing them can be costly and time-consuming. You also want to make sure that the repairs are being carried out by experienced experts who are familiar with your equipment so you know it will be done right. This is why many people are choosing to insure their wheelchair with a disability insurance specialist like Blue Badge Insurance so they can take advantage of their fast repair policy and Australia-wide mobility scooter repair network.

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