7 Reasons to Insure Your Mobility Scooter in Australia

Woman operating a mobility scooter on a suburban street, safe in the knowledge she recently signed up for insurance for mobility scooters.

Can you insure a mobility scooter? The answer is yes! Insurance for mobility scooters is not only available in Australia but is also an incredibly good way to safeguard your scooter and your finances.

Scooters are a wonderful way to get around, and if you struggle to walk long distances or live with limited mobility, you’ll know their value. But just like any piece of equipment, they can break or get stolen.

In this article, Blue Badge Insurance shares seven reasons to choose insurance for mobility scooters.

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1. Your mobility scooter means your independence

Many who use a mobility scooter know it can quickly become an indispensable part of life. Being mobile and out and about whenever you want and need to be is a key part of being independent. But without your mobility scooter, this independence can be compromised. 

  • Waiting for your scooter to be repaired or replaced can be stressful

Having an accident while using your mobility scooter or having it stolen can be incredibly distressing (not to mention inconvenient). It can result in being without your scooter during repairs or replacement. This can be tough if you rely on your scooter to get around every day.

This is one top-notch reason to have insurance for mobility scooters. Mobility scooter insurance means you can have your scooter replaced or repaired faster and more if it’s ever stolen or accidentally damaged.

  • Relying on others while you wait can be stressful

You may have to depend on others to do your daily chores and activities if you’re involved in an accident. That’s why it makes sense to insure your mobility scooter so that you can get it quickly repaired or replaced without worrying about the costs.

If your scooter is stolen or accidentally damaged, your insurance helps pay towards the costs. That includes the costs of repairing your scooter or replacing it altogether! This can reduce the financial burden on you, which also removes an unwanted layer of stress.

A man rides through along a small road alongside a park in Perth on his scooter

2. Insurance for mobility scooters covers accidental damage

Even if you take exceptional care when using your scooter, accidents can and do happen. Take, for example, our customer story about a recent mobility scooter crash.

Whether it’s a crack in the footpath that throws you off balance, a little puppy that suddenly darts across your path, or someone reversing out of a driveway, there’s potential risk in most everyday situations. In fact, one of the biggest concerns scooter riders fear is cars reversing out of their driveways.

While safety equipment for your mobility scooter is a great step, having insurance means that you can get repairs done more quickly following an accident.

Mobility scooter safety tips

Here are some great safety tips:

Electric mobility scooter parked on a pathway with a high visibility jacket draped over the seat.

3. Mobility scooter theft is increasing

Sadly, mobility scooter theft is on the rise, having steadily increased over the past five years. Whether it’s kids wanting to take the scooter for a joyride or a thief out to make some quick cash, scooter thefts are frequently reported from people’s homes and shopping centres.

It’s a great idea to protect yourself against these issues with our tips to avoid having your mobility scooter stolen. Of course, insurance for mobility scooters is a great way to give yourself peace of mind because theft can still happen even when you’re vigilant.

You’ll be happy to hear that our mobility scooter insurance helps cover theft from both your home and out and about.

4. Mobility scooters are expensive

It goes without saying that mobility scooters can be expensive. Most of us have been habitually insuring high-value items like cars and bicycles, and scooters are no different. It takes time to research mobility scooter options and a significant budget to purchase one.

Once you have the right scooter, you’ll want to protect your investment. Should anything happen and your scooter is written off or snatched, the last thing you’d want is to have to fund another scooter from scratch. Having insurance for mobility scooters helps you with replacement costs after an accident or theft.

An elderly individual drives with insurance for mobility scooters operating a mobility scooter on the roadside with peace of mind knowing she's covered should anything go wrong with her scooter.

Buying mobility scooters

Find out more about choosing and buying mobility scooters here:

5. Repairing your scooter is also expensive

Mobility scooters are sophisticated pieces of equipment. Repairing them can be costly and often time-consuming. Not to mention that you’ll want to make sure repairs are being carried out by experienced experts who are familiar with your equipment, so you know it will be done right.

Finding the right repairer can, therefore, also be a time-consuming activity.

However, this is why many people are choosing to insure their scooter (or wheelchair) with a disability insurance specialist like Blue Badge Insurance. It means you can get your scooter repaired without wasting time, and you have the benefit of an Australia-wide mobility scooter repair network.

Man with limited mobility goes out for a day trip in the country and takes a lunch break with his black and white dog looking out over a grassy meadow.

6. Third party insurance for mobility scooters

While unexpected costs associated with repairing your scooter can be stressful, these costs can be significantly higher if a third-party is involved. If you have to pay for third-party injury costs, including legal, medical, and grievance bills, for someone you accidentally run into, the costs can be significant.

The same is true of third-party property costs. These can include costs associated with fixing a shop window or a scratch or dent in someone’s car, which could run into thousands. Unexpected costs are difficult to deal with for anyone, especially if you’re on a fixed income.

It simply makes sense to give yourself peace of mind by safeguarding your finances with insurance for mobility scooters. Especially one like ours that includes third-party liability cover.

7. Yes! You can insure a mobility scooter affordably

Now that you know the answer to “Can you insure a mobility scooter?” is YES, why not get a quote or find out more? Blue Badge Insurance offers affordable mobility scooter insurance with monthly payment options available.

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