Blue Badge Pet Insurance Clocks 1 Year!

This Golden Retriever and orange tabby cat look upwards at the Blue Badge Pet Insurance website offering

Although today’s date may suggest to you otherwise, here’s the truth – Blue Badge Pet Insurance is celebrating its one year anniversary! We realised many of our readers aren’t aware of this, thinking we specialise only in insurance for mobility scooters, wheelchairs, WAVs and converted cars. So, here’s the rundown…

Firstly, Blue Badge currently provides pet cover for all kinds of cats and dogs, across three choices of simple, affordable, quality plans. And with this we go a little further than most, offering Assistance Dogs Insurance too.

Read on about our pet insurance policies and discounts plus our blog articles that cover all things pets and Assistance Dogs.

This grey cat with orange eyes has Blue Badge Pet Insurance

Discounts for cats and dogs, including Assistance Dogs

Let’s start with the discounts because everyone loves a good deal. On that, bookmark our huge range of Australian ‘disability discounts’ you might not know about for people with disability.

As for Blue Badge pet insurance products, you’ll save 15% on any of our pet insurance plans if you’re a disability parking permit holder, disability converted vehicle owner or Blue Badge Insurance Preferred Partners Network member/customer.

What about if you have an Assistance Dog? You’ll receive 25% off insurance because we know how important your pup is for moving through your day to day. Blue Badge Insurance is especially aware of this because we have a strong partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia.

Every month, we pay a portion of every existing policy to this wonderful charity that trains and places unique dogs with people in unique situations. You’ll find links to stories about them further down.

Plus, if you insure two pets or more with us you’ll receive a further 5% discount.

This Beagle bounding through grass has Blue Badge Pet Insurance

The 3 plans of Blue Badge Pet Insurance

Our plans range from the basic to the premium, so you can find something to fit your animal’s needs and your budget. Your Blue Badge pet insurance policies could cost as little as a dollar a day, seriously. Choose from:

  1. Accident – $5,000 annual claims limit
  2. Classic – $10,000 annual claims limit
  3. Deluxe – $15,000 annual claims limit

The accident plan covers just that – treatment for accidents only, though this includes cover for accidents you pet has with other people’s pets and property (as long as there’s no history of aggression). On the other side of the spectrum, the Deluxe plan covers you for accidents, illnesses and even some dental treatments. The Classic plan sits in the middle as a happy medium between the two.

Also know that we don’t have any lock-in contracts for our month-to-month payments plans. And that the Blue Badge pet insurance Classic and Deluxe plans cover hereditary conditions after a waiting period, whereas plenty of other providers don’t.

There are plenty of other benefits too. Check out our pet insurance page to find more.

Blue Badge Pet Insurance covers this litter of Australian Shepherd puppies on two bone coloured steps

What kind of supporter would we be for our disability community if the Blue Badge blog didn’t provide you with articles that help you be the best pet parent possible?

Here are some of the pet related blog articles published over our one year of offering Blue Badge Pet Insurance:

You might also want to read our article announcing we’d launched pet cover: Big News: Blue Badge Pet Insurance Is Here! and the one about our Assistance Dogs Australia partnership: Blue Badge Insurance Announces Sponsorship with Assistance Dogs Australia.

Blue Badge Pet Insurance covers this light coloured Labrador sitting on grass that's wearing the Assistance Dogs Australia learner vest

Which leads us to… the articles we’ve published about Assistance Dogs. A big shout out to Assistance Dogs Australia for being our sounding board with these, and even writing a couple for us.

Head over to the Assistance Dogs Australia website if you want to donate, or purchase an Assistance Dogs insurance policy from us and we’ll do it for you as a portion of your premium.

this black cat and brown tabby cat playing on a bone coloured wall-mounted gat gym are covered by Blue Badge Pet Insurance

How do Blue Badge pet insurance claims work?

With Blue Badge Pet Insurance you can make multiple claims at once and as many times as you like. Keep claiming all the way up to your ‘annual defined benefits limit’ (annual claims limit). As you can see above each plan had a different one. Just send in your paid invoices to our claims team and they’ll process your claim as soon as all necessary documentation is received.

When it comes to insurance and living with disability, we have the know-how to service your needs thoughtfully and quickly. Why not give us a try for pet insurance?

Or, if you haven’t already, take a look at our mobility scooter insurance, wheelchair insurance, car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles and converted cars, or our disability car insurance for regular vehicles driven by people with a disability parking permit. Hint: there’s a discount there too.

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