2023 Guide to Christmas Gifts for People with Wheelchairs

An Australian boy in a wheelchair waves alongside a big Christmas tree filled with gifts for people in wheelchairs

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for people who use wheelchairs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some accessible accessories, essentials and fun stuff to fill the Christmas stockings this year. Spending the festive season living with disability should never mean fewer gift options, it’s simply about choosing the right one!

Hold on to your seats and have a look at the 2023 Christmas Gift Guide for Wheelchair Users.

Christmas gifts for people in wheelchairs

Wondering what to get yourself or someone close to you this Christmas? While we’ve rounded up eight incredible gifts to choose from, we’re sure you’re also looking for some interesting and accessible things to do.

So, before you take a look at the gift guide section, here are some inclusive festive activities to try out this summer:

And if you don’t already have one, get hold of an MLAK key so you can use accessible toilets wherever you are at any time of day.

A medicinal sheepskin wheelchair seat cover is a great gift

1. Lambswool wheelchair cushion

We love this handmade lambswool wheelchair cushion because it provides a naturally soft, comfortable added layer to the wheelchair seat. Lambswool is special thanks to the pressure-reducing effect created by its naturally curled wool fibres.

This makes it a miracle material that can help reduce the risk of pressure sores from being seated in a wheelchair for any length of time. Lambswool is also naturally breathable and has inbuilt moisture-regulating properties.

We love the Texelseproducten lambswool wheelchair cushion made from medicinal sheepskin.

A model seated in a wheelchair showcasing Christina Stephens accessible fashion

2. Wheelchair adaptive clothing

While adaptive clothing may once have been bland, thankfully times are changing. Brands like Christina Stephens (which onboarded Australia’s first quadriplegic fashion designer, Carol Taylor) have made wheelchair clothing highly fashionable and accessible.

A definite item on our list of Christmas gifts for people in wheelchairs is the alluring Suzie Q Seated Pant that has full length side zips with two-way pull rings so you can easily change into and out of it. The top layer is designed from stylish pleather, while the seated layer is made from soft bamboo to help prevent pressure sores.

The reinforced hoisting panel makes these pants easy to adjustment in the wheelchair. They’ve even been designed to accommodate a leg bag, colostomy bag and / or quadpod. Now that’s style with functionality!

diverse dolls and disability awareness toys stand in a row helping give children with disabilities visibility

3. Inclusive toys for kids

Adaptive toys are great gifts for children in wheelchairs. These toys promote inclusivity by giving more children with disabilities a playful avenue through which to interpret their own disability. Having a toy that shares your disability shows that you’re not alone and you’re not unseen.

Rather, it makes disability a not uncommon experience that’s respected and recognised. We love the selection of disability awareness toys and inclusive dolls here.

A husband takes hist wife on holiday as one of her Christmas gifts that are accessible for people in wheelchairs

4. Christmas getaways as gifts for people in wheelchairs

We’ve rounded up many favourite accessible destinations in our blog over time. From quiet retreats where you can stargaze and eat farm fresh breads to city hotel retreats. We’ve also found some fantastic pet friendly accessible holidays spots.

Here they are:

If you’re taking a pet or Assistance Dog along for the holiday, it’s a good idea to get them insurance beforehand. Read how pet insurance and Assistance Dogs insurance helps you pay for unexpected vet visits anywhere in Australia. Be sure to read about more wheelchair friendly activities for the festive season.

Able Foods make delicious home delivery meals for people living with disability, even brain fog

5. Home delivery meals

They say the way to the heart is via the stomach and that’s not such a bad thing – especially with the options available for ordering healthy, ready made meals that you can warm up and enjoy. That’s why pre-made and easy-to-make home delivery meals make it onto our list of great Christmas gifts for people in wheelchairs.

Imagine the options. You could order in a ready made Christmas dinner. Or you could give someone (or yourself) a weekly subscription to a mouthwatering easy meal. For those who can and love to cook themselves, our list of home delivery meals includes boxed kits that arrive with fresh ingredients and a dinner recipe to suit your taste buds.

modified controls can support drivers with disability

6. Car modifications

Converted car modifications have come a long way – there are so many options to choose from, making them super savvy gifts for people in wheelchairs.

Whether you opt for modifications that make travelling in your wheelchair easier to those that support driving with disability, the technology exists and it just keeps getting better.

We list 12 converted car modifications to get you up-to-date on the latest.

this swivel seat for the car that lowers to the ground

7. Swivel seat

On out list of Christmas gifts for people in wheelchairs is the swivel seat that can make transferring into and out of the car that much easier. The Lowering Turning Seat and Programmable Swivel Seat 2022 Gilani Engineering are both seat systems that swivel and lower.

There are also simpler options, like swivel seat pillows that are secured on top of the car seat and help you swivel when you need to get out the car.

This GeoDome Replacement Joystick Knob is a great Christmas present for people who use wheelchairs

8. Custom coloured joystick knob

Nothing beats customising your equipment and making it personal to you. That’s why the GeoDome Replacement Joystick Knob gets a spot on our list of gifts for people in wheelchairs.

It comes in lots of different colours and has an ergonomic design. Its geometric shape looks fantastic and provides added grip. This knob is a versatile fit for models like Permobil, Quantum, Quickie, Jazzy and more, attaching using a secure screw-on mechanism.

9. Wheelchair insurance as gifts for people in wheelchairs

While mobility equipment and assistive technology can make great gift ideas for people with disability, so can mobility equipment insurance to protect your valuable aids. Mobility equipment insurance can help you pay for the unexpected costs if your wheelchair, mobility scooter or modified car is damaged or stolen.

Find out about each of these options from Blue Badge Insurance:

Anyone with a disability parking permit is eligible for up to 25% off Blue Badge car insurance. Just another Christmas gift for people with disability and one that lasts all year round.

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